7 December 2021

Jeddah: In a media interaction, Permanent Representative of Pakistan to OIC, Ambassador Rizwan

Saeed Sheikh said that Pakistan was hosting an Extraordinary Session of the OIC Council of

Foreign Ministers (CFM) on 19 December 2021. The Session was being organized in response to

a proposal made by the KSA, the OIC Summit Chair. The Session was primarily aimed at

addressing the serious and deteriorating humanitarian situation in Afghanistan.

Ambassador Sheikh highlighted that the situation in Afghanistan needed the urgent attention of the

international community. According to the United Nations, 60% of Afghanistan’s 38 million

people faced “crisis levels of hunger”. As the situation was getting worse every day, the risk of

acute malnutrition and internal displacement was continuously increasing. He added that there was

a growing risk of an economic collapse, which would be a humanitarian tragedy, spurring

instability and leading to a mass exodus of refugees.

The Permanent Representative stressed that the OIC, as the collective voice of the Muslim

Ummah, must play its part in addressing the humanitarian needs of Afghan people. He added

that the CFM Session would aim at expressing Muslim Ummah’s solidarity with the Afghan

people; pledging humanitarian assistance, and refocusing the attention of the broader international

community on the unfolding humanitarian tragedy in Afghanistan.

The Ambassador maintained that Pakistan had been undertaking intense diplomatic outreach

efforts since 15 August 2021, and the CFM Session was another initiative to mobilize the Muslim

countries for promoting peace, security, and economic stability in Afghanistan.

The Permanent Representative informed that the Extraordinary Session was being held in addition

to the regular 48 CFM Session, to be held on 22-23 March 2022 in Islamabad. The regular Session

would coincide with Pakistan’s 75th-anniversary celebrations. He recalled that Pakistan had hosted

a regular CFM Session as well as an Extraordinary Session on Afghanistan in 1980 as well.

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