Jeddah: July 13, 2021

A special reference was held at the Consulate General of Pakistan to observe the Kashmir Martyr’s Day. Selected members of the Kashmir Committee Jeddah and the Jammu & Kashmir Overseas Community attended the event to mark the historical day of 13th July, 1931 on which 22 brave Kashmiris were martyred by the brutal Dogra forces while summoning the call for prayers – Azaan.

Addressing the occasion, Consul General Khalid Majid said that the importance of 13th July cannot be ignored, but the reality is that the just struggle of Kashmiri brethren is remembered every single day of the year. He reiterated Pakistan’s stance that no meaningful peace is possible in South Asia without the genuine resolution of the Kashmir issue through an impartial plebiscite as promised to the Kashmiri people by the international community through successive UN resolutions.

The event concluded with collective prayers for the wellbeing and prosperity of the Kashmir people and success of their just struggle for the right to self-determination.


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