Commercial Section

Transfer of Residence

What is Transfer of Residence (TR) Letter?

A Pakistani citizen, who had been working in the Kingdom and now intends to move back to Pakistan on Final Exit after completing his job and/or ending his contract with a Saudi company, is entitled to get TR from Commercial Section of the Consulate General of Pakistan. TR enables an outgoing Pakistani citizen to avail certain Customs duty relaxations /facilitations at Pakistani ports on his arrival from abroad. For further details the following website of FBR may be consulted: Federal Board of Revenue

How can I avail TR service?

It can be availed only on the receipt of Final Exit paper from the Jawazat authority of the Kingdom. On providing Final Exit document to the Commercial Section in Consulate General of Pakistan, TR may be issued in favor of the leaving citizen of Pakistan from the Kingdom.

What kind of documents should I provide to Consulate General for the issuance of TR?

Please provide following documents for availing the service of TR:
a. Copy of Final exit
b. Copy of passport and of the passport page bearing the stamp of entry into the Kingdom.
c. Proof of job and earning in the Kingdom

​What concessional duty allowances will be admissible to Pakistani families on ​​Transfer of Residence?

Since SROs issued by the FBR Pakistan are updated from time to time regarding facilitations and provisions given to the overseas Pakistanis, the latest information/updates can be obtained from the website.

How much time is required to obtain the TR form?

TR will be issued on the same day on completion of the required formalities.

​If a person dies abroad, how can his belongings be brought back to Pakistan?

Personal effects of Pakistani national who dies abroad can be brought by the next kin of the deceased or any Pakistani national on behalf of him/her. Most articles and goods are exempted from duty/taxes which fall under the purview of duty free allowances. However, certain items such as washing machines, TV sets, sewing machine, VCR, VCP, cooking range, microwave oven and air conditioner will be allowed on payment of duty/taxes. For details

Import of Vehicles

As an Overseas Pakistani, can any one import a vehicle from abroad? Where will I find the relevant information?

Yes. Every Overseas Pakistani (OP), subject to fulfillment of eligibility conditions as laid down in The Import Trade and Procedure Order 2000 can import a vehicle from abroad after two years stay therein. However, the following OPs cannot import vehicle:
1. Students receiving remittances from Pakistan,
2. Non earning member of families of the Pakistani National
3. Those who have imported/gifted vehicle during the last two years cannot import a vehicle under the said Rules.
The Personal Baggage, Gift Schemes and Transfer of Residency TR (Import of Vehicles) Rules, 2000 apply. A copy of these rules can be obtained from the website of the Federal Board of Revenue . The Commercial Section of the Consulate issues the Vehicle import form.

What type of vehicles is importable under Personal Baggage/Gift Scheme and ​​TR Scheme?

Pakistani nationals residing abroad including dual nationals can import old and used vehicles into Pakistan under the following 03 schemes:
1. Personal Baggage
2. Gift Scheme
3. Transfer of Residence
The structure of duty and taxes under these 03 schemes remains the same. Motorcycles and Scooters can only be imported under Transfer of Residence Scheme

​How much old car can be imported in Pakistan?

Cars not older than 03 years and other vehicles not older than 05 years can be imported under these schemes.

What is the minimum stay required abroad to import a vehicle into Pakistan?

Minimum stay should be Two Years abroad with maximum 60 days spent outside the Kingdom within two years period.

Whom can I gift a vehicle in Pakistan?

Under the Gift Scheme, a vehicle can be gifted to an immediate family member only like Father, Mother, Brother, Sister, Husband, Wife and Children (excluding children under 18 years of age).

What are the documents required for submitting the request to Consulate ​​​General of Pakistan for issuance of Vehicle Import Form (VIF)?

i. Earning /income/salary Certificate (must be mentioned with monthly income and date of joining). This certificate must be attested by the relevant Chamber of Commerce in Saudi Arabia.
​​ii. Copy of Passport (first page) with immigration stamp of the last visit.
​​iii. Copy of ID card and Saudi Iqama
​​iv. A photograph
​​V. Copy of ID card of Giftee in Pakistan

How much time is required to issue the Vehicle Import Form?

After submission of above mentioned document in the Commercial Section of the Consulate General of Pakistan Jeddah, one working day is required to issue the Vehicle Import Form.

How can I know about the Customs duties on the vehicle I import into Pakistan?

The Customs in Pakistan may be approached for estimation of Customs duties and other taxes on the clearance of a vehicle in Pakistan. However, FBR has given some basic details of the customs and duties levied accordingly can be accessed on the given link: For details



What is the relevant forum and ministry to find information about trade &​​​investment opportunities Pakistani?

Ministry of Commerce and Textile in Pakistan is the responsible Ministry for all trade activities of the country. It has under its ambit various other trade bodies and authorities. For an overall view of the country’s trade profile and prospectus, the following link can be reached.
Ministry of Commerce

What is the forum where I can find trade activities and product related ​​​information in Pakistan?

Trade Development Authority of Pakistan (TDAP) is the relevant forum and it keeps on sharing product-related activities and export data from time to time.
Trade Development Authority of Pakistan

How can I find investment opportunities in Pakistan and how can I register my ​​company in Pakistan?

For investment opportunities in Pakistan and procedures to get foreign companies registered in Pakistan, the following link of Board of Investment (BoI) will guide you accordingly.
Board of Investment
Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan

What are the investment opportunities in Pakistan?

For various investment opportunities in Pakistan, the following links can be reached:
China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC)
Official Gateway to the Government of Pakistan
Emerging Pakistan: Home page

As an overseas Pakistani, how can I find taxation laws, customs procedures, ​​​import duties and other related regulations applied in Pakistan? How can I ​​​become an online taxpayer of Pakistan?

The Federal Board of Revenue deals with the subject matters mentioned in your question. The website link of the Board is given below for more details.
Federal Board of Revenue
State Bank of Pakistan

How can I know about the protection of trademarks and brands in Pakistan? ​​What are the laws which protect the Intellectual Property Rights in Pakistan?

Intellectual Property Organization under the Ministry of Commerce is the custodian of trademarks and brands in Pakistan. It has clearly laid down protections and safeguards against infringement of trademarks and brands. IPO can be reached at the following link:
Intellectual Property Organization of Pakistan

Visa Section

How to process application for visa online ?

Pakistan Online Visa can be completed in 3 Easy Steps. Before starting your application visit the website:

How to pay fee for visa application ?

The payment of feee is integrated with the application – Applicant can pay via a Master Card or Visa Card. Applicant can also calculate the fee against the application submitted by using the Fee Calculator available on the website

What are the requirements for tourist visa?

Following are the requirements for processing of tourist visa: Photograph, Passport (must be vaild for next six months), Invitation letter by the sponsor or hotel booking details in case of individual tourist
Invitation Letter in case of group by the tour operator designated by the department of tourist services.

What are the requirements for business visa?
  • Photograph
  • Passport (valid for six months)
  • Proof of registration of company which is extending invitation (SECP/ Chamber of Commerce Certificate)

Any of the following :

  • Recommendation letter from CC&I of respective foreign country.
  • Invitation letter from business organization duly recommended by concerned trade organization in Pakistan
  • Recommendation letter by the honorary investment counselor of BOI/Commercial Attaché
What are requirements for study visa?

Following documents are required:

  • Letter from the university and higher education commission and ministry of Economic Affairs.
  • Division confirming the admission of applicant.
  • Sponsor letter from the embassy in Saudi Arabia, regarding financial status of the applicant/ guardian.
  • NOC from Ministry of Interior.
How much of time is required for approval of eVisa?

Upon submitting Application, the applicant will receive Electronic Travel Authorization on the email address provided by him within 48-72 Hours if the application is approved.

Can Indian nationals apply visa on line?

No. applicants with Indian passports can apply for Pakistani visa manually only not online.

Can third country nationals on visit visa in Saudi Arabia apply for Pakistani visa?

No, such applicants have to apply from their home country.

Machine Readable Passports

What is the duration of processing time and delivery of new passport?

It takes around 02 weeks in case of Urgent passports and 04 weeks for Normal passports.

​Can I apply for ten years validity passport?

Yes, you can apply for ten years validity passport. There are two types of passport with validity of 05 years and 10 years. However, the children below 15 years of age are issued only 05 years validity passport.

​I am a frequent traveler, can I get 100 pages passport?

Yes, you can apply for 100 pages passport booklet as there are three types of passport booklets available for the convenience of the applicants: 36 pages, 72 pages, and 100 pages.

What are the documents required for MRP renewal?

For processing the renewal of your MRP, please bring the following documents to the Consulate General:
i. Original valid CNIC
ii. Previous Passport
iii. Original Iqama along with its copies.

​In case of lost passport how can I get a new passport?

Please bring an undertaking/affidavit for the lost passport along with CNIC and Iqama for processing a passport in the ‘Lost Category’.

How can I get passport for new born child? Do I need to bring the child to the Consulate?

Yes. Please bring the child along with his/her birth certificate and parents’ documents accompanied by one of the parents of the child.

I need to change my details in MRP, how can I do that?

In case of any change in details, please apply for a new MRP and bring supporting documents for the desired change.

I live far away from Consulate General, can I renew my MRP online? Can I get new (first time) MRP online?

Yes. Please visit the website: ( where you can renew your MRP.

Only renewal facility is available online. In case of any modification/loss or new passport, you have to visit the Consulate General.

​My passport is damaged, can I travel on it?

In case of damaged passport, you will face difficulty at the airport. It is advisable that you should apply for a new passport.

My passport is expiring soon, when should I get it renewed?

It is advisable that you should apply for new passport six months prior to its expiry.

After receiving my new passport, can I travel on it immediately from KSA?

Before traveling from KSA on your new passport, please visit Saudi Jawazat Office to update your new passport details in its system.


How many NADRA centers are functioning in KSA?

There are three NADRA Registration Centers functioning in KSA
1. Embassy of Pakistan in Riyadh
2. Consulate General of Pakistan in Jeddah
3. Pakistan House in Madinah

What application categories are offered at NADRA Jeddah and Madinah?

The following application categories are currently available at NADRA Jeddah and Madinah. More categories will be added as we expand our services.

  • New Overseas ID Card
  • Reprint ID Card
  • Renew ID Card
  • Modify ID Card
  • Cancel ID Card (due to death)
  • Family Registration Certificate (FRC)
When can I apply for a New Overseas ID (SNICOP)?

Identity Holder:
You can apply for a new overseas ID (SNICOP) in case you already possess a 13 digit NADRA issued identity number which can be a CRC, NICOP, CNIC or Smart ID. Your first identity document will be converted into a valid SNICOP.

No Previous Identity:
You can apply for New Overseas ID (SNICOP) in case you do not possess a 13 digit NADRA issued identity number which can be a CRC, NICOP, CNIC or Smart ID. Your first identity document will be SNICOP. Please note that in this case, supporting documents will be required.

When can I apply for a Renewal of my ID?

You can apply for renewal of your ID Card if it has expired or has three months in its expiry date.

​When can I apply for a Reprint of my ID?

You can apply for a Reprint of your ID card (SNICOP/NICOP) if it has been lost, stolen, damaged or destroyed.

When can I apply for a Modification in my ID?

o If you would like to amend your national identity data (NICOP/SNICOP) e.g. address, Name, photograph, signature etc., you can apply for a modification in your ID Card.
o You can also apply for modification if your ID card (CNIC/NICOP) has not expired but you want to acquire your Smart-NICOP.

​Can I apply for NICOP from NADRA Jeddah or Madinah?

Yes you can apply for NICOP from NRC Jeddah or Madinah.

Can I apply for CNIC/SCNIC from NADRA Jeddah or Madinah?

You cannot apply for CNIC/SCNIC from NRC Jeddah or Madinah. These cards are issued from Pakistan only.

When can I apply for First Time (New) POC?

You can apply for a new POC only through NADRA website, if:
o You were a Pakistani national and have surrendered the nationality.
o You are a foreign national and your parents or grandparents are or were Pakistani nationals.
o You are a foreign national and any of your relatives (brother, sister, uncle, aunt) are or were Pakistani nationals.

Can I process FRC from NADRA Jeddah or Madinah?

Yes. FRC can be processed from NRC Jeddah or Madinah, but presence of one of the family members is mandatory at the time of processing of FRC.

Are the photographs required in applying for FRC?

There is no need of photographs if your all family members are cardholders (CNIC / SCNIC/NICOP/ SNICOP). However, the applicant and all members of the family, whose age is under 18 years, need to appear at NADRA for photographs.

Can I process Cancelation of Card due to Death from NADRA Jeddah or Madinah?

Yes. You can process Cancelation of Card (Death Certificate) of your blood relative at NADRA Jeddah or Madinah..

How long will it take to Process and Deliver my ID Card?

The card delivery and printing timelines depend on the application type selected. For the Normal category, the printing time of the card is approximately 31 days after the approval. Similarly, printing time for Urgent and Executive categories is approximately 23 and 10 working days respectively. If an application is submitted carefully along with complete documents, it will be approved in 24 hours. However, incomplete applications can take longer time and depends on the applicant’s reply to NADRA.
However, during COVID-19 pandemic situation, courier services operations are severely affected, therefore, delays are expected during the dispatch of cards.

Is there need for Juvenile applicant to affix his/her fingerprints or signatures for SNICOP?

Juvenile applicant (Under the age of 14) is not required to affix his/her fingerprints or signatures for SNICOP.

What is the mode of payment for the Application Fee at NADRA?

You can only pay the application fee in CASH only at the Fee Counter of NADRA.

Is there any home delivery option available?

Yes. For the convenience of  applicants, home delivery option is available at NADRA Jeddah only.

What documents do I require for NICOP (New/Modification/Renewal)?

For documents details please click the following link.

Welfare Section

I got Final Exit from my sponsor but could not go to Pakistan. How can I travel to Pakistan?

After getting a Final Exit from the sponsor, a person has to leave the kingdom within two months otherwise, the person is considered illegal and if arrested may serve sentence along with deportation.

In order to be able to travel to Pakistan without being detained, the person will have to approach his sponsor who can get him a fresh final exit after payment of penalties.

Those who were on Umrah Visa but could not travel back due to any reason and have become illegal. Is there any scheme for them?

Those who came to the Kingdom on Umrah Visa on or after January 2020 and have not been able to return due to COVID-19 and their visas have expired; can return home without any penalties.

After going to Pakistan on Exit Re-Entry; can I come back on a new visa?

Any employee who goes on Exit Re-Entry and does not come back to the Kingdom within time of Exit Re-Entry, the employee gets banned for three years from entry into the Kingdom on any type of work visa.

The workers who are Haroob ‘Abscoders from work; and get deported through Jail/Deportation Centre are banned from entry into the kingdom for how many years?

Those workers who get deported from the Kingdom are usually banned for the period from five to ten years depending upon the nature and sensitivity of the case determined by the Jawazat.

Those who are in Pakistan on Exit-Re-Entry and cannot return due to any reason, their Exit Re-Entry Period will be extended by the Government automatically or will have to approach the sponsor.

For all such individuals, the Saudi government had an extended period of Exit Re-Entry period for three months without penalty, which has now expired.   The workers will have to approach their sponsors for necessary extensions in their Exit Re-Entry.

I have been working with my company for last fifteen months. The company is not allowing me to go on Final Exit. Can the Consulate General help in getting Final Exit.

As per local laws, both the Employee and the Employer have to follow the Service Agreement. If your Agreement with the company is for two years, it is not appropriate to leave after fifteen (15) months.

You are required to complete the period as mentioned in the Agreement and give two months’ notice to the sponsor informing him of your intention to go on Final Exit.  If then the sponsor is not allowing Final Exit, then you may file a complaint/case for Final Exit in Labour Office. The legal department of the Consulate General would provide necessary guidance in the matter.

My sponsor has declared me as Haroob ‘Absconder from work’. How can I get my Haroob Status cancelled?

It is advised to settle the matter with your sponsor and try to get it canceled. The sponsor has the option to cancel within twenty days without penalty. If he does not cancel, then the worker is required to submit the case in Labour Office. The case/complaint can be submitted online. At the Labour Office, You will be required to present evidence that the Haroob Declared by the sponsor is illegal. In case of any further guidance, the Welfare Wing of the Consulate General can be contacted.


I had requested for getting my Iqama transferred to a new company a few days ago. At that the demand was accepted in the Ministry of Labor but it was yet to be accepted by Jawazat. However, my former sponsor gave Final Exit from his absher account after the demand was accepted. Al though my name has been transferred to a new company, is that Final Exit still valid.

Whenever, the demand for transfer is accepted, the information of the employee is also transferred from previous sponsor to new one. It is not possible for the previous sponsor to give final exit when the Iqama has been transferred to any other sponsor.  Furthermore, Final Exit of domestic workers, drivers, agricultural workers etc is being done from Jawazat, while those working with the companies get Final Exit from Labour Office if the sponsor is allowing leaving the job.  It is possible that the new sponsor has given you Final Exit. It is advisable to get Jawazat Print to check the exact status of Exit.

My sponsor makes me work harder and pays less. I told him to pay more or allow me to go on Final Exit. However, he does not agree on either Final Exit or increasing my salary. What should I do?

As per the Service Agreement, You do not have the right to demand more than the agreed amount. The salary is fixed. If you are being paid less than the agreed salary, only then you can file a complaint/case in concerned Labour Office.

I was caught by the Saudi Police while working elsewhere. It's been three years now since I came back to Pakistan. After how much time can I go back to Saudi Arabia?

Those who are deported from Saudi Arabia through deportation, they are usually not allowed to enter Saudi Arabia for five (5) years.

My Iqama was expired for over five (05) months. My exit was arranged by the sponsor from Tarheel (Deportation). I want to come back to the Kingdom now. When I contacted another Saudi Citizen for work visa, he told that my entry into the Kingdom is banned for three(03) years. Please guide me.

An expatriate worker who has been deported from Saudi Arabia through deportation is prohibited from entering the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for at least five (5) years.

During the lockdown in the Kingdom, I had received a fine of Ten Thousand (10,000 SR). I have also appealed through Abshar Account; however, the fine has not yet been waived off.

According to Saudi law, if there is any fine against anyone for violation of Corona SOPs, Traffic Laws, his Exit Re-Entry or Final Exit gets banned. An expatriate worker can only travel back after payment of fines/penalties.

Attestation of Documents

What are the timings for attestation of documents?

Following are the timings for the attestation of documents:

Timings of Consular Services
​​08:00 AM – 3.30 PM (Sunday – Thursday)
​​Break Timings
​​12:30 PM – 01:30 PM (Sunday- Thursday)

Is my presence necessary for executing General or Special Power of Attorney/Affidavit/Authority?

Yes please. Because you have to sign the documents and your thumb impression is necessary.

Do I need to have Power of Attorney prepared by a solicitor, or can I ​​​​prepare it myself as well?

We do not have any such requirement. However, you need to ascertain any legal requirements from the beneficiary in whose name you are executing the Attorney.
You do not necessarily need to go to a Solicitor for a Power of Attorney. A Power of Attorney may be printed on a plain paper, and is to be signed in front of the Consulate General’s authorized official/officer.

Do all the executants need to be present while executing a power of attorney as well as at the time of collection?

All the persons executing the Power of Attorney need to be present while submitting the document as their fingerprints and other details are required. However, any applicant (or their authorized person) may subsequently collect the document on their behalf.

​What is the requirement for attestation of my educational documents?

All such documents should be attested by the concerned board/university/Wafaq ul Madaris duly verified by the IBCC/HEC and then by the Foreign Office Islamabad or its camp offices in Karachi, Lahore, Quetta or Peshawar.

​I am residing in out of Jeddah. Is it necessary for me to visit​​​the Consulate General for attestation of my documents?

Our consular teams visit as per their program/schedule to different cities of Western Region such as Madina, Abha, Al Baha, Taif, Jizan, Yanbu and Bisha. You can avail this facility on their arrival as per program duly advertised on social media.

​What are the requirements for attestation of documents issued by the Saudi ​​​Government departments?

All the documents issued by the Saudi authorities should be attested by the Saudi Foreign Office and then will be attested by the Consulate General after verification of original Pakistani ID.

​I don't have my Pakistan ID card (NICOP/CNIC) and possess valid Pakistani ​​passport, can I get my Power of Attorney or Authority letter attested?

Yes. On the basis of valid Pakistani passport your documents can be attested by the Consulate General.

​Do you provide attestation/legalization service at home as well?

Attestation/Legalization Service is provided at home only in case of Senior Citizens (over 70 years of age)or those who cannot visit the Consulate General due to medical conditions.

What type of documents Consulate General will not attest?

Non Attestable Documents
❖ Identity cards and its translation.
❖ Criminal Judgments/FIRs.
❖ Political/Criminal Disputes
❖ Domicile.
❖ Photographs.
❖ Invitation letters.
❖ Insurance papers
❖ Charity documents of NGO’s
❖ Papers of registry and sale/purchase of land etc.
❖ “Will” regarding disposal of his/her property or estate
❖ IELTS/TOEFEL certificates, ISO standardization and all international certificates
❖ Applications of all kinds
❖ Reference letters from professors etc. both from abroad as well as national educational institutions.
❖ Divorce Papers.
❖ “Compromise” (Razi Nama)

Emergency Travel Documents

​I came to Saudi Arabia recently on Umrah Visa/Visit Visa. During the visit, I lost my passport. Now in emergency I have to travel to Pakistan. Can I get ETD?

Yes, you can get the ETD and travel to Pakistan.
The requirement for Umrah/ Visit Visa:

  • Copy of lost passport.
  • Valid CNIC.
  • Return ticket of the airline clearly indicating arrival/departure timing and name of the applicant.
  • Umrah Company’s letter confirming the loss of the passport (in case of Umrah Visitor).
If I travel to Pakistan on ETD, can I come back to KSA on same ETD, without Passport?

The ETD allows you to travel to Pakistan only. You cannot travel from Pakistan to any country on ETD. Therefore, you need a valid MRP for traveling from Pakistan back to KSA.

​Can travel to another country on ETD?

You cannot travel to any other country except Pakistan.

While in KSA, I am arrested by the Saudi Authority. I only have the valid CNIC and Photocopy of MRP. Can I get the ETD?

After verification of national status and getting valid CNIC, you can be issued ETD.

Can ETD be issued to the deceased Pakistani for transportation of his mortal remains?

After ascertaining the national status of the deceased an ETD can be issued.

What documents are required for processing of an ETD for Umrah/Visit Visa holder?

Make sure you bring the following documents with you to the Consulate General:

a. Dully filled in an application form with two photographs
b. Proof that you are on Umrah/Visit Visa
c. Tickets for your onward journey if you are traveling by plane,
d. Photocopy of the lost passport or ID card
e. other identity documents or photocopies of them