The Consulate General of Pakistan held an introductory presentation/tasting event on Himalayan pink salt to the Saudi importers. The event was arranged to promote Himalayan pink salt, which is sole product of Pakistan and is being widely demanded around the globe. The Gulf and Middle East markets are amongst the most demanding markets which have shown their keen interest in the import of pink salt not only for kitchen, edible and human use purposes but also for other usages like for medicine, animal licking, health & beauty benefits. The Consulate General at Jeddah has been working on promotion of the product in Saudi market and has successfully gained attention of many well reputed and well established food importers for the said product. In the series of mini exhibitions, the subject tasting event was held in Consulate General Jeddah, keeping minimum participation, with regards to Covid-19 restrictions and instruction of Saudi government. Accordingly Famous Karachi student Biryani was also presented to the participants to make the taste more localised and traditional. Importers have committed to take agency for distribution and import of pink salt from Pakistan and distribute not only in Kingdom but also in other Arab countries like Egypt by using their market influence and networking. Interest has also been received in import of decorative pieces made up of pink salt. For the said purpose the contacts of relevant exporters and manufactures back in Pakistan, have been shared with the interested parties.

Branding of pink salt as product of Pakistan and dissemination of information to the end users with its benefits and trade margins have been the task of the commercial section at Jeddah, which has now lead to the fruition of the efforts in the form of rebounding market response.



26th May, 2021

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